Laura Bergoust, MSOM, LAc
Acupuncture Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist
The Red Willow Center, Missoula MT


 When I was young, I remember walking throught the forests, brushed by wet, dewy leaves off the trails.  As though they were reaching out to me, I would wave my hand along them and receive a new sense of being.  The pure air and quiet surroundings cleared the concerns of my mind but I was connecting with something much deeper.  I was connecting to the energy of Life.  Today, I work with this Life-Force through the practice of acupuncture and I still wave my hands along the plants that are reaching out to me now as a Clinical Herbalist.  Having earned a Masters in the Science of Oriental Medicine, I carry inherent tools designed to heal, uplift and return harmony to every aspect of your being. 

I have had profound personal experience with this medicine and wish to share its life changing potential with you.

To contact Laura with questions or to make an appointment call: 406-241-6451