A Note from the Founder
The Red Willow Center for Health and Healing
Missoula, MT

The idea for the Red Willow Center was first conceived of in 1999.  It came from the observation that it sometimes "takes a village" to get us from a state of ill health to a place of optimal health.

It seemed important to me to find a way to acknowledge the interconnectness of our mind, body and spirit in the way that we practice healthcare, so the conversations began!

The group of health care providers that make up the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing began to come together in the Fall of 2009.  We have had many hours of conversation and sharing of ideas about what a truly integrated health care system might look like.  We certainly do not have all of the answers to this question.  We are commmitted to continue to find ways to colaborate in the spirit of offering the best possible care to each individual we serve.

It is our mission to offer our clients and patients a range of options to help them on their path to optimal well-being.